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"Same old story, same old song and dance, my friend..." - Aerosmith, Same Old Song and Dance

"EL James’ agent Valerie Hoskins said the legal letter was not personal, adding: “You can’t just hijack something someone else owns.”" - from the Mirror (and ONTD and at least twice on Twitter today)

My first reaction to this, along with everyone else's who is tired of "50 Shades...", was along the lines of 'LOL BUSTED!!1!!1!!'. I might have also said something about pots, kettles and clueless lawyers. But then I watched another drama unfold on Facebook in a totally different fandom.

I've followed Tee Fury for some time - have never bought any of their shirts, but found a lot of the designs quite interesting (especially the BSG ones...). Never really thought about any of the implications of those designs until today. Today's shirt was a lovely design based on Hellboy. Didn't think anything of it. I usually view the comments just, well, to see what others are thinking and the overall snark level. There were about the average number of comments - but I noticed quite a few lengthy ones from the Tee Shirt artist towards the bottom of the replies. So, being the average internet lurker, I went to the top of the replies to see what had started it.

First, it was a few people mentioning that there is an official Hellboy store ran by the original artist. Tee shirt artist defends himself - normal stuff. Then a friend of the original artist joins in. Tee shirt artist gets defensive.

Then the original artist himself shows up. Keeps the high ground, doesn't threaten, states that the material in question is his.

Tee shirt artist states he is giving free publicity, blah blah blah. Oh, and he based it off the movie version, not the original artist's comic series.

*cue the eye roll at this point* For real?

Ms. James wrote what was supposedly one of the most read Twilight fanfics ever, then changed the names in order to sell it. NOW she doesn't want people to use HER ideas? She may want to ask Ms. Meyer about that...

And Tee Shirt artist? You need to learn a thing or two about how to deal with the original artist of that which you are supposedly a fan of. 'cause those posts of yours (which are now conveniently deleted) really made you look as being, well, a jerk.

And I thought in this day and age that people would have learned a thing or two about fandoms, the media, and the Internet by now. More things change...
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There are not words in the English language I can use to express how today went. At least not words usually allowed in public.

So, instead, I leave you this...

Yep, that should about cover it.
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This isn't happening. It only thinks it's happening - Flynn, 'Tron'

"How My Day Went" - a very short, one scene play

OF1: Office Manager 1 - is training OF2, is leaving job in three days, has been there approx. 1 year
OF2: Office Manager 2 - is in training, has been at job 2 days
PTP: Part-Time Person - has been at job a number of years
BOSS1: been with company since beginning; works from home and usually over phone

SCENE: small office, mid-morning, mid-week, OF1 and OF2 working at desk, PTP off-stage

OF1: (discussing office procedures and what PTP is supposed to be doing)
OF2: (taking notes like crazy, trying not to panic over amount of information)
PTP: (staying in back of office out of sight)
OF1 looks up, as if she sees something off-stage. She looks back at OF2 and goes back to discussing office procedures. Outside office door opens
BOSS1 walks in
BOSS1: Good Morning
OF1: O HAI, good to see you, how are you doing?
OF1's subconscious (only heard by OF1's brain): FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU
BOSS1: Thought I'd come in to see how training is going, and to check in on the office. And talk to PTP.
OF2: (trying not to quiver behind OF1) Hi
OF1: (sounding happy and not sarcastic at all) Great, thanks. We're just discussing procedures this morning....
OF1's subconscious: Does Riesling go with tacos?
BOSS1: And I'm in town until Friday. Where's PTP?
OF1: Just a moment. I need to get something. (heads off-stage)
OF1's brain: @$$^&^&*&%%^%%$$#@
OF1's subconscious: (is whining something about going out of town starting Friday afternoon)
OF1 can be heard whispering to PTP. Sounds vaguely like "Put that book away". OF1 steps back into office, holding a bottle of water. PTP follows.
PTP: O HAI BOSS1. You want to see me?
PTP and BOSS1 go off-stage. OF1 and OF2 look at each other
OF1: I. Did. Not. Know. About. This.
OF2: Who was that?


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

No, this isn't autobiographical at all. Why are you asking? However, from recent personal experience I can tell that Riesling does go nicely with tacos.

And now, off to do that list I was SUPPOSED to do at work today....and to get some more Riesling.


Jul. 25th, 2012 09:27 pm
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1 - Yesterday, I sat in my favorite lunchtime oasis, thought about what I had learned that morning, and typed "Where do you go now, True Believer?"

Now if I could just write the rest of the book...

2 - I have learned that Conference planning, even on a very small scale, truly sucks. I'm at the point now where I can't wait for the $#%%#$% thing to be over so I can go back to what passes for a normal life for at least a few months.

I have developed a whole new respect for those brave souls who plan anime/comic book conventions. How you keep track of that many attendees/panels/pieces of equipment just boggles my mind.

3 - I have a new bow. It's metallic pink, with flat black limbs and it shoots arrows really, really fast. And straight. Now if I ever get my muscles to quit whining, and actually remember how to hit the target EVERY TIME, I'll be getting somewhere.

And no, it does not look like Katniss' bow. It's definitely a compound bow with all kinds of added on stuff to make it look, well, kinda girly. But in a good way. I'll have to remember to shoot a pic next time we go target shooting. (and no, I don't hunt either - just shoot innocent paper targets...)

4 - There is an actual chance of rain tonight and tomorrow. If that actually happens, I will get a picture - just to remind myself what rain actually looks like.

There, got the ranting out of my system.
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Why, oh why, the one time I have real hope that maybe, just once, a real radio show is going to do a real story on a really big convention...

...it is really a story about "50 Shades of Grey?"


(No, really. NPR did a story that started out being about San Diego ComiCon...and ended up with them interviewing the author of "50 Shades" - which has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with comic books or science fiction. It IS maybe someone's idea of fantasy...but not the type you usually hear about on 'Morning Edition'...)

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I had made, rearranged, scuttled and then made more plans for the week of the Fourth. To have them all cancelled by a single phone call from home. *sigh* I may be seeing my family that week anyways - not for the best of reasons, but not for something totally unexpected either. Will have to see what happens.

Between that bit of news, and the receiving of my dog's ashes this week, I'm ready for something...mindless? fun? animated?

Well, there's "Brave", which I'm totally going to see this weekend 'cause (1) Pixar made it and (2) it has a girl archer in it. But that probably isn't going to happen until Sunday, so...

*stares at the wall of anime*

...oh look, a BluRay copy of 'FLCL' I haven't watched yet.

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(sadness follows - feel free to skip)

You always know the day is coming, you just always hope it isn't today.

Yesterday, I arrived home from work to find the old dog laying in the front yard, and my spouse on the phone. Nothing unusual there.

That is, until I realize it's not his cell phone he's talking on. Until it clicks that it's not his friend in the next town over he's talking to. Until it finally connects that he is talking to the vet's office.

He hangs up the phone. "It's time." And with those two words, I know exactly what he's talking about.

Didn't make it any easier.

Tonight I planted some flowers in a container on the back porch, listened to some music, watched the sun set and the fireflies come out. Thought about her.

I miss her so much.

Dakota Ginger Rose (we called her Ginger), December 1997 - June 8, 2012. She was a little yellow Labrador Retriever out of a litter of 10 adorable little Labs born at our neighbor's house in Minot AFB ND. Ginger grew to be a 75 lb yellow force of nature. She followed us through 3 military assignments and into my spouse's retirement. She loved to catch frisbees, ride in trucks, and sleep on our bed.

Rest in peace, old girl.

(title of post stolen from U2, "Until the End of the World")
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So, introduce yourself.
Hi, I'm JChrys, recently moved here from lj.

Did you do anything there?
Not really. Ranted about random stuff, linked to the very occasional badly written fanfic. Complained to lj news fairly often.

And you're here because...?
Honestly? F!S. And most everyone I used to hang out with had moved here/dropped out of the fandoms I hung out in.

You mentioned something about fandoms?
*cracks knuckles* Well, there's...
Star Wars: All of it. I'm not current on the current Clone Wars series. Have read more of the books then I should admit. Seen the movies more times then I can count. First really badly written fanfic I ever did was written right after the first time I saw 'Empire'.

Star Trek: TOS, TNG, Enterprise, all the movies, some of DS9. Could never get the hang of Voyager. And I still wish they would do a movie with Q in it.

Anime/Manga: Do you have all night? Been following anime on and off since the days when Starblazers ran at 6:30 am on a Chicago TV station. Fullmetal Alchemist is still my favorite - both animes, the manga, all of it. Is the series that got me interested in writing again. I have spent more time discussing this series on boards than should be allowed. Other animes I'm interested in: Eureka Seven, Trinity Blood, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Ergo Proxy, Ghost in the Shell, Bleach (the first 50 eps), and pretty much anything put out by Studio Ghibli or Satoshi Kon.

Any other interests?
Been a drum corps fan forever. Recently started playing around with archery again. I read a lot - mostly scifi, some fantasy, pretty much anything by Neil Gaiman. Have a lifelong fascination with animation - Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros., odd CG, you name it. And I have an 17-year old truck I'm trying to keep running.

Anything else you would like to tell us?
Maybe later. We'll see how this goes.


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